Here at PAC, it's our intention to motivate and inspire. We strive to connect your business with your audience through custom and personal designs. We provide our customers with up-to-date designs, strong brand assets, and custom requests.
Here are some of our core values:

1. Client Satisfaction
2. Honesty and Trust
3. Quality Work
4. Communication
5. Creativity

what's important to us

It's important that we provide results for our clients by using analytics, user testing and industry trends which ensures the highest quality of service for your company. It's our goal to drive more traffic to your websites and social pages which will in result generate more leads, bring more awareness to your brand and creating a smooth user experience.

core team

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

CEO - Design & UX Consultant

I ventured into the design industry in 2017 after interning for my colleges Athletic Department. The combination of my creativity and love for sports ignited my entrepreneurial spirit and I made the decision to start working as a freelance designer.

It's instilled in our beliefs to; work as hard as you can and always aim to improve. PAC never stops learning and that's why we know we can give our best design services to YOU!!

Check out our Custom Sport Graphics services as well.


We at WEB APPEAR believe in websites of good quality , innovative design and sustainable structure so that you can make the most of your website . In implementation, this means that we do not use building kits,but we design the website from scratch . This gives us the freedom to tailor projects individually to customer wishes and needs.​​​​